Here is what her temp foster mom in KY, USA had to say about her:

"When X said good-bye to her yesterday{Saturday}, he commented that, out of all the pyrs that have passed through here, he'll always remember Barbie because she's so very special.  I know that you'll find her a wonderful home…. We love her that much.
As I told the drivers, she doesn't have a lot of patience for shenanigans — like other dogs jumping on her.  And once she bonds with you, she will be very protective of you.  She will be a totally devoted companion for some lucky person.  Please send pics of my beautiful girl and give her hugs from me and X.


Here is what her overnight foster on the Saturday on the transport had to say about BHRR's Barbie and also sent a photo:

"Barbie is just a big teddy bear who wasn't thrilled with the tiny bit of snow on the ground so it was so funny to see her look at the ground before walking!  She enjoyed her dinner immensely, she ate twice already actually!"

BHRR's Barbed Wire – December 17th, 2011
*Photo courtesy of C. Townsend