BHRR's Adele weighed 36.9 KGS(81.18 pounds today). She needs at least another 15 more to be where I would like to see her in weight BUT so much better than what she was!!! The muscle tone this girl has developed since her arrival to BHRR has been WOW! Her body type reminds me of a triathlete at this time…solid very lean muscle that ripples with every movement she makes yet in a very feminine manner. 🙂

Her spay went well and all growths from her mouth were removed(the Vet is about 99% sure they are not malignant) and shall be sent off for pathology. There was also a lump around her belly button that was removed and also being sent away.

She had nails and a microchip done and people felt she was a real doll. 🙂

She had a good detailed teeth cleaning yet nothing more thorough was able to be done – ie Xrays or to look really closely for possible extractions(Vet was not convinced that she really needed any but agreed that her mouth/teeth were in rough shape) due to how long she had already been under and that it was not safe for her. With her current physical condition and that she was just spayed plus her age; the Vet believes it would be better to put her back under again later this month or early next month if need be to do more work in her mouth. He was worried that any bacteria released could get into her bloodstream and compromise her. He also did not wish to see her under for another up to 4 hours(she was already under for 1.5 hours or so as is for what was done) and felt that if necessary, she could have any other possible elective work done after she was adopted.

Our focus at BHRR is to take care of all proactive/preventative Vet needs plus any 'urgent' requirements and this was our priority for BHRR's Adele for today.

We shall monitor to determine how well she has benefited from the dental work done today and if she should be going back under. If it is determined that anything more is needed; and it is an 'elective', not an 'urgent any longer, her new forever loving adoptive home can take on that responsiblity.

She should find it so much better to eat and be SOOOO much more comfortable!

Sean is enroute back with her now as I type this blog and CANNOT wait to have her home again. Another sweet creature very dear to my heart and ONLY the best shall do for her and all the BHRR doggies! 🙂