BHRR's Atlas has a story of  'hell' inside of him and all the chapters of that story have caused him to be almost completely shut down. 🙁

I worry really strongly about him right now. He has virtually nothing left to give and you can tell that almost all has been taken away from him.

He is full of scars, healing lacerations and his coat is so coarse, dry and just falling out. He is bald in many places, red hot to the touch on his inner legs and elbows and lats. His body is literally shutting down around him and his mind….god, I look into his eyes and there is such agony in his recessed eyes….if I look really deeply(and I got out of bed to spend some time with all the dogs including him and BHRR's Veteran; the Dane he was picked up with) into those eyes, I think I see a glimmer of hope. He is really drawn into himself and has had so much rejection in his life.

He was given a body score of 4/10 and had been placed on IV fluids and given Baytril. His ARC neck band has the words 'ill' on it. This is one unhealthy boy and is going to require much time in the way of medical and emotional rehabbing. He is so sad….. 🙁

He has entropion much worse in one eye over the other and you just want to scoop him up and hold him close to tell him that he shall not be neglected again.

When you go to touch him, he lowers his head and is quite submissive. He will wag his tail slightly as I pet him gently on his head. You can tell how much his body pains him. 🙁

He is not an overly large male Saint yet when he is healthy and it is my determination to make sure he is done right by and become healthy; he will be a glorious handsome man!

He rests as if he was in complete exhaustion. He must have always felt he needed to keep one eye open when he was out there trying to survive and honestly, this dog would not have lasted much longer. He had pretty much given up even trying to live.

I say all of this not for the 'drama' effect but to state the clear reality of what this sweet man is going through. He has had a really bad time in life… bad that he is quite 'broken' in mind, body and spirit and I am truly honoured to have him come to BHRR for we focus on those special needs and my heart is so drawn to this boy.

He would melt the heart of anybody out there who has one iota of feeling in their body. He is a beyond 'urgent' case.

When he is stronger, I shall bathe, do his nails plus clean his ears.

To those that wish to give to his cause, what BHRR's Atlas most needs are the following:

1) Costco Dog beds or a Kuranda (XL) bed  to call his own

2) He needs blankets for cushion. His hair is very thin and nonexistent in many places plus he is literally a rack of skin/bones.

3) He needs a collar 26" and a leash

4) He needs 24" Rawhide bones or Smoked Dino Bones or Smoked Knuckle bones – I still need to get into his mouth to see how his teeth are doing.

6) Monetary donations to do bloodwork including a heartworm test, to purchase flea/parasitic/hw preventative meds, X-rays of his hind end, antibiotics & food
*One can donate by PayPal or email transfer to or by mailing a bank draft*

He shall also have a file set-up at Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and people can donate to the 'Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services' account for him under 'Atlas'

Great news for tonight is that he had half his normal ration of food and a full bowl of water. He had no resourcing issues whatsoever BUT it was he that did growl at BHRR's Veteran when BHRR's Veteran walked by his crate a couple of times. That is the most 'alert' he became when he saw BHRR's Lincoln. Maybe, he was not impressed that BHRR's Veteran barked at him earlier as they were loading them up? 😉 Only time shall tell how things will fall into place. His crate is beside another Danes and across from yet another and there are no issues.

There is something very wrong with his hind end and not just the lack of muscle mass. It is suspected he might have HD yet until we do X-rays we shall not really know. He has been through enough right now and he needs to get some strength into him and not be moved yet again so soon. He is weak. When he sleeps and breathes, it worries me slightly. I sat with him until Sean pulled me away to get back to my own bed. I did not want to leave him. This is after sitting with BHRR's Veteran for about 30 minutes before sitting with him.

The journey this boy is going to take me on is going to be full of ups and downs with scares for his health and welbeing. I feel it already. I want him to know that I want him to live, that he needs to live, that there are so many rooting for him and to please trust….just one more time…please…just give one more chance to us as humans to show you how wonderful life can and should be for you.

It was felt that this boy was around 3, he could be younger, he could be older….we will better guesstimate when he is healthier and I am not going to think that he is going to get anything but healthier. 

I ask each person to hug their pets today and tell them how much you love them for you might not think they need to hear or feel it; but they do and should hear and feel it.

THANK you to ARC again for everything and to Jennnifer plus Brenda for the trust and to Charles and Sherry for assistance with their transports.