The blog update that I know many have been waiting to see posted! 😉 BHRR's Goliath has become one of the all time top fav additions to BHRR for our blog readers to follow! As I have typed back at quite a few people who have messaged, emailed and called me, please do come to BHRR to not only meet him for yourself yet have the 'GOLIATH' experience yourself so that you can then submit a blog for me to post! 😀

Some think that he was named 'Goliath' because of his size. I like to think that someone named him 'Goliath' due to his GOLIATH personality! LOL I truly cannot believe that I have not been able to grab some time to post another blog before now on this amazing personality plus filled clown character boy! I find it also hard to believe that my last post was on August 24th…so this is a bit overdue.

So, here I go…rolling up my sleeves and preparing to type a Gwennie novel about one very special and incredible IW named Goliath. 😀

BHRR's Goliath and I have come to a bit of an understanding these days….progress for sure yet still a ways to go! I get to bed most nights/early mornings rather around 3:30 – 4:00 AM.  Before I go to bed, I ensure all the dogs go outside for one final bathroom opportunity.

1) BHRR's Goliath is positively a dream to get into his crate these days. No fuss and he settles down wonderfully.

2) Sean is up by 5:30 AM and then lets all those that want to go out, go and of course, BHRR's Goliath is up and at 'em

3) After BHRR's Goliath goes outside; he likes to come in, drink a big drink of water and then thunder into the master bedroom, jump on the bed and 'share' it with me….I honestly cannot think of a better way to wake up….<rolls eyes!> LOL

4) We have discovered that regardless if the front door is closed(we have an automatic door closer now)…which MAKES no difference whatsoever to dogs that can open the door and thanks to dogs like BHRR's Dana, BHRR's Kingston, PPSS; BHRR"s Goliath also knows how to open the door!

5) So, it was a few lovely AM 'wake-up' calls like this that untiil it was learnt that BHRR's Goliath can open the front door by himself. So, now we close the front door and the door to the sunroom, so that BHRR's Goliath does not have this amazing opportunity to share that water with me…and believe me, he only drinks so much. He likes to take the rest and come share it will me!

6) Once BHRR's Goliath has shared some water with me, he likes to try and climb into the shower with Sean and if he cannot get into the shower, he likes to see who else might like to 'play' at that time of the AM. His two newest best friends in the world is our SN's GD Bleach(1 year on September 12th) and the now 3 month old GD puppy here – JS. LOVELY! For they are still very much in their own training regimes and basically at the drop of a pin are just raring to go and play too! At this point, I am lucky to have had 1.5 hours of sleep and it is such a pleasure to hear them having such a great time! cheeky I just wish they would want to have this great time at a more decent time in the AM. LOL

7) When Sean goes to leave for work, he puts BHRR's Goliath back into his crate with breakfast and he is eating soooooooo much better now! He is being fed three meals a day and I have an appointment scheduled for September 24th as I want to see what his weight is at that time. Depending on how far he comes along with his obedience, he may be ready to be placed up for adoption that weekend. He may not. That will depend on his obedience training and yes, weight gain to date.

8 ) I am up by 8 AM to get the kids ready for school and BHRR's Goliath is out and about with the other dogs and he plays really nicely with all the dogs. He can be a bit too puppy rough as he is still learning to control his own excitement and understand his own strength yet as mentioned above, one of his best of friends is the now 3 month old GD puppy here. He also does still try to hump BHRR's Porridge(every one wants to hump him), and two of my own show boyz (Bronson and Maestro) and he continues to be corrected. He is not humping them out of any sexual urges. He is doing it as he wants to move himself up the hierarchy in our home amongst the dogs. He is very mindful and respectful of the girls…like all smart boyz learn to be! 😉 We correct him on the humping behavour as BHRR's Goliath is not anywhere near a mature mental state to be in any position to be a leader. He is still learning correct and proper social communication with dogs and humans. Sometimes when he plays and the play escalates, he will appear to be a bit grumpy yet it is nothing serious. He just needs a bit of space, recollects himself as he tries to understand the situation(and it is usually because he upped the antic in the rough play area and then is confused and takes mild exception when the other dogs say 'ok, let's go!'). So, he is very much learning a lot about proper social communication and manners amongst dogs and that different dogs play in different ways.

9) BHRR's Goliath LOVES toys – Balls of all sizes up to basketball and soccer balls, Kongs, Rope toys and he plays with them by himself, with us and with the other dogs really well! WTG BHRR's Goliath.

10) When I got to put the kids on the bus for school, BHRR's Goliath settles back into his crate for a snooze.

11) It is when I come back, open up his crate and he comes out, sits and gives me this look 'OK, game on!' and I look back at him and go 'OK! Bring it!' AND the day begins in earnest! 😀

12) BHRR's Goliath takes water bottles, clothing, shoes, leashes and likes to parade them around you to get you up and to try and play chase. He has no intention of destroying them, he just wants the attention. AND anytime I try to sit down for a few moments to do something not related to him, you can see him looking around and around looking for something to take. MONKEY! He knows he is not suppose to do it. I do not chase him. I go and grab a leash and he follows me, sits down and I can gently take the item away from him. He then asks to go into his crate for a time out for a few minutes. He might snooze, he might eat some of his left over breakfast and often he just lays upon the great new Kuranda bed donated to him and watches me type on the computer as his crate is right near where I work.

13) He and I are still working through some couch issues. He can be still found at times sitting on our leather couch and looking so proud of himself. I can more often than not now, just ask him to get off and he will. Sometimes when the 'devilment' grabs him, he just continues to sit there and look at me 'what are you going to do about it?' and well, I go and get his leash and he often is off the couch by the time I come back. Grabbing his collar tended to make him feel threatened, especially by a female when he first arrived. I have learnt that the leash is non threatening to him and it is associated with walks and hikes and car rides and all things good; so leashes have become a huge part of my training aids/tools with him. However; one can hold his collar much more frequently at this time without him feeling a bit worried. That is going to be a time/patience thing for him to overcome. He is so much better with Sean re: the collar holding yet I am catching up. 🙂

14) He does not jump on me as much, mouth me as much, rarely counter surfs, does not drink from the kitchen sinks any longer as well. THIS is great.

15) However, BHRR's Goliath still has a weakness for those kleenex boxes, rolls of paper towels and the joy that BHRR's Dana showed him; how great toilet paper rolls can be. ESPECIALLY if they are on the toilet paper holder! LOL

16) He has become so affectionate. I get regular slobbery kisses, he pushes his head under my arm when I am working on the computer, will put his head through articles of clothing if I am trying to fold cloths or will put his head in my lap if I am sitting reading or watching a movie with the family. It has been a wonderful development to see this and to experience this! That he is comfortable about not being too worried about any possible rejection as he had to have experienced in the past; is a real joy.

17) He loves ice cubes, THANKS BHRR's Dana! cheeky

18) He has also discovered his voice. It is such an amazing mixture between a 'bark' and a 'woof'. I have nicknamed him "WOLFIE" because he is an IW and how wolflike he can sound. It is a very interesting timber sound and he does not use it very often. He does like to hear it 'echo' in the bathroom and will tilt his head and seem most pleased at himself when he makes such sounds. We have been nipping that in the bud! 😉

19) He still loves it if you take a spray bottle and spray it at his mouth…he loves trying to catch the water. He has learnt that when I am serious about him not doing something and will use the spray bottle to 'grab' his attention to break his focus on whatever antic he is doing as he is 'nil' with much to do with any sort of serious distraction training right now. Once I have his focus, he is so much more responsive to my tone and voice.

20) I am just waiting for a dog like BHRR's Porridge or PPSS to 'teach' him all about drinking from the toilet bowls…ICK! We keep the lids down and the one bathroom door closed yet with two kids, doors do not always stay closed. I fear that it is only a matter of time!

21) AND boy! Does BHRR's Goliath LOVE helping me strip the bed….OMG! He finds himself all wrapped up in the sheets and blankets and has a grand time. EVEN better, if you let him strip it all by himself and even let him move the bed across the room! 😀

22) Time is flying with this young man. I cannot believe he has been here as long as he has and he has made so many amazing right direction leaps and bounds. He is so much more respectful, mindful and he really is eager to please…most days! This boy just has never been given all the training and correct guidance he should have have had as a small puppy and now he is this well over 100+ pounds of all puppy, experiencing and soaking up life. He makes me laugh, roll my eyes, throw up my hands in helpless giggles and in turn, he is giving me the best trust and more respect as he learns that I am not going to beat him and that his 'bluff' antics do not intimidate me and that I understand that he needs time, patience and love with a firm guiding hand. I can tell already that when he decides to finally 'give' himself to a human, he is going to be bestowing upon that human or family, a most incredible gift, the gift of his heart and soul. This boy will be loyal and would lay down his life for a loved one. He is just not there yet and that is ok. One step at a time. It is there in his eyes….I see it and I feel it and he makes me earn what I am getting to date and in turn, he is rewarding me very well for all that I am doing 'right' with him.

This boy is very special. He is not a mean dog at all. He has settled down so much here. While he is an active boy and a bit of a clown, he is becoming less and less of that high maintenance type dog. He has no SA behavours and we can watch a movie and not worry about him thundering around the house(except sometimes with our Bleach…they are too much temptation to each other!) and he loves to lay down near you and just watch you. Those eyes….yup, those eyes…..

I just do not want people to think that this boy goes 24/7 with nonstop action. It is not like that….he is not for the dog inexperienced but he is meant for someone that will understand that this dog was held back from living life when he was younger and he just wants to live!

I could write so much more yet it is now almost 4 AM and time for some sleep as 5:30 AM shall come quickly and time to get my 'day' on with BHRR's Goliath and all the dogs here. I live a very charmed and blessed life!  THANKS BHRR's Goliath for gracing my life for as long as it shall be! 🙂