HUGE milestone reached tonight!!!! I was able to not only run a soft bristle brush over their coats YET also a fine needle grooming comb! NOT for very long yet talk about HUGE progress and HUGE HUGE HUGE success! Both were really good!

They started off a bit unsure, then became curious and as I 'played' it up and gave lots of praise, they became excited and even more happy(AND believe me when you meet BHRR's Rain and 'win' her over; her tail is NONstop wagging and BHRR's Beau's tail is not all that far behind!) and allowed me to do a couple of minutes each on them.

SOOOOOOOOOO, I was able to pull out tons of dead hair and a few matts and though, we have a long ways to go, progress!!! YAY! Lots of treats afterwards!

They are in tomorrow for their alters and they are heading in with tons of treats in hand!

I am also going to have their Vet take a peek at one of BHRR's Rain's front feet/legs. As the dogs were running, she tripped and went down hard the poor thing…..she has been limping a bit since then.

LOVING my 'Saint Babies' as I call them.

Their first 'date' is this Thursday and looking foward to it. That will give me a better idea if both should/could possibly head out one day to TAKE THE PLUNGE this upcoming weekend or better off holding until our next GD & Honourary GD Walk/Hike or even later.

Thanks so much for trusting me my babies! 🙂