So, BHRR's Apollo and BHRR's Hailey came with me on Saturday to do a hv and I brought BHRR's Apollo as he is good with cats and well, who does not love him! I also brought BHRR's Hailey for I felt she out of all the dogs at BHRR would be the best matched personality fit for this possible future temp foster home and this was clearly a case of the 'dog choosing the home' indeed when she met them!

While BHRR's Apollo was clearly not himself, BHRR's Hailey walked right up and claimed the family as her own! She made herself right at home and even decided that drinking from my water glass was much preferable to the doggie bowl laid out for her. BHRR's Apollo then followed suit! 😉 The family was very kind as to offer up another glass of water just for me! LOL

It is times like this that I just sit back in 'awe' and watch magic unfold!

So, should all go well, BHRR's Hailey will be going to this now approved temp foster home after our BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House on Saturday June 25th!

To learn more about how to be a BHRR Approved Volunteer/Temp Foster Home; please click here.

The more approved temp foster homes and the more approved adoptive homes that BHRR has, the more animals in need we can assist with your help!

I hope that they have a fantabulous foster experience and I also hope that BHRR's Hailey continues along her path of social networking, great experiences, making new friends, continuing with her solid foundation in obedience etc.

Going to miss this black beauty AND special thanks to the home that 'saw' past her colour to HER!

As for BHRR's Apollo, he needed some 'tough' love to enter their main area and to all that know who BHRR's Apollo is, how he was at their home; would have surprised you. It reminded me of when I adopted out DBB BHRR's Jenni. The home was interested in BHRR's Abbi yet I felt the right matched personality fit would be BHRR's Jenni and she proved that to be so very valid and true! Walked right in and made herself at home while BHRR's Abbi wanted to be anywhere but there. PROOF in point that yes, the dog often does choose the home! 😉