Miss Asante began her journey early this AM & I will be meeting the transport in a few hours, then will drive to meet up with her temp foster.
The thing I do not have right now – I am recycling collars/leash/harness so she is ok on that for now, and I thought I could snag the brand new bed I had bought(not yet used) for one of my own dogs – an XL Costco dog bed.
Appears that the bed has been pulled down and loved – from the faint mud/dust pawprints evidence! 
If anyone may consider being a bed angel for her, please let me know!
She has her first vet appointment with us on Tuesday. We will get those eyes repaired ASAP. The shelter had done the right eye, yet it failed. Very common with the ‘new’ technique, especially with Danes and Newfs.
When she is ready and settled in a bit, too, we will have a professional groom done for we want all of our dogs looking and feeling their best.
I have been told she is ‘super sweet and very, very, very easygoing.’
From these pics, I see single-bred Newf, yet we will see what the intake paperwork says, etc.
It does not matter to us!