When it rains, it pours.
We had worked to schedule the home visit for BHRR’s Titan’s possible approved adoption and finally got a date booked, and today, I am notified by his foster home that he has blood in his urine.
Poor boy…..
When we first rescued him at the beginning of July, he had severe untreated urinary issues. He was placed on both Zeniquin and Clavaseptin.
So, everything is now on hold as we address this concern.
Sean/I are going to stop checking emails and texts and picking up the phone……just when you think you are going to get ahead of the rescue vet bills. 
Yet, we will continue to ensure that he and all of our dogs get everything they need and go up and beyond. 
On a side note, we are getting one step closer to having BHRR’s Asante arrive. I also have her first Vet appointment booked for Tuesday at 3 PM.