My last post of my night….going to snag a bite to eat and prepare for the midnight feast for the beans!
Thanks to Katherine, and their lovely donation – guess what time it is?!!
As promised for every lifesaving monetary or item(s) donation, a puppy spam pic would be posted in gratitude!
Can be done via PayPal or email transfer to OR an item(s) donation:
1) XL Essential pee pads,
2) Esbilac powdered formula 28 oz.,
3) Gain or Downy liquid fabric softener
4) PVD Essential Care canned puppy food)
5) Pinesol – the larger the bottle the better!
6) Lysol wipes
Dropped off in our donation shed at the road or snail mailed to:
2425 Totem Ranch Road West, Oxford Station
We are quickly reaching a point of URGENCY for powdered Esibilac, plus pee pads. Lysol Wipes are not far behind!
I need five more of the 28 oz cans of powdered Esbilac just to hand off to our temp foster as of Monday for two weeks, as I have to be out of country for ten days. Plans that I cannot change.
We also need four more boxes of the 100-pack of Essentials XL Pee Pads.
This does not even take into consideration the many thousands of dollars it is going to take to vet them to prepare for their special announcements.
These wee Labx beans, found nursing on their mom, that was laying dead under a tractor, two with punctures, are now safe with us. I know that if they could, they would also say THANK you to everyone for this lifesaving assistance. 
They are not your normal healthy 2+ week old puppies, and need extra diligent, constant care. Sean did his second day of puppy duty, and thank you! He and Kinsley rewashed the wee beans.
Weights on top from Thursday, August 4th, in emergency when we first saved them & weights from August 8th below. Four days after I got them. Then there are weights for today(August 11th) for two of the puppies, when we were at the Vet today.
Puppy 1 – 0.38 kgs – deceased as of 8:49 AM Thursday, August 4th – Mis Charm Bean
Puppy 2 (Miss Fighter Bean) – 0.38 kgs as well – Miss Nola
August 8th – 0.62 kgs (1 lb, 6 oz)
August 11th – 0.82 kgs (1 lb, 12.8 oz)
Puppy 3 (Miss Explorer Bean) – 0.48 kgs – Miss Bev
August 8th – 0.71 kgs (1 lb, 9 oz)
Puppy 4 (Mr. Warrior Bean) – 0.46 kgs – Mr. Albar
August 8th – 0.79 kgs (1 lb, 12 oz)
Puppy 5 (Miss Diva Princess Bean) – 0.56 kgs – Miss Maybelle Cutie
August 8th – 0.99 kgs (2 lbs, 3 oz)
Puppy 6 (Miss Chill Mobile Bean) – 0.64 kgs – Miss Ayla
August 8th – 0.79 kgs (1 lb, 12 oz)
August 11th – 1.03 kg (2 lbs, 3.6 oz)
Our Name Game Fundraiser is now posted to try and raise much-needed funds for vetting – five pups to vaccinate, boosters x 2, exams, 4 spays, 1 neuter, flea/tick/hw meds, bloodwork, further investigating Miss Fighter Beans hind end, etc., not to mention food, formula, pee pads, Pinesol, toys, treats, dog beds, laundry detergent, liquid fabric softener and so on.
Puppies are wee, their needs are enormous!
AND look?! Five precious beans are still with us! 19 days old! Miss Chill Calm Bean is the worse with the aspiration pneumonia right now……so Clavamox drops for 10 more days is part of her menu.
AND I still have to post re: wee Miss Fighter Bean too. All five came to the Vet with me, and I had two of them seen.
All puppies will begin Forti Flora shortly, and as soon as I can get a sample in – will do a fecal float, fecal testing, plus fecal smear.
They ADORE this elephant stuffie. Out of the three stuffies I have, this is their ‘surrogate’ Mama.
From our home to all of our friends, family, plus supporters, the best in good night wishes are being sent. I know I am excited about the prospect of maybe, possibly, getting more than 2.5-3 hours of sleep tonight!
Many have thought that this Elephant stuffie was giant or jumbo. It is not! It is a medium size stuffie that the beans get ‘lost’ in.