AND, thanks to Rae, and their truly generous donation – guess what time it is?!!
As promised for every lifesaving monetary or item(s) donation, a puppy spam pic would be posted in gratitude!
Can be done via PayPal gwen@birchhaven.org or email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com OR an item(s) donation:
1) XL Essential pee pads,
2) Esbilac powdered formula 28 oz.,
3) Gain or Downy liquid fabric softener
4) PVD Essential Care canned puppy food)
5) Pinesol – the larger the bottle the better!
6) Lysol wipes
Dropped off in our donation shed at the road or snail mailed to:
2425 Totem Ranch Road West, Oxford Station
We need many, many, many weeks’ worth of the above!
To Date:
A) we now have ten days of 28 oz. Esbilac Powdered Formula thanks to donations – financial and items. We need another 21 days.
B) we now have pee pads for another eight days thanks to donations – financial and items.
C) we now have liquid fabric softener for another 7 days, thanks to financial donations. I do four loads of puppy laundry a day.
D) we will buy two cases from generous financial donations of PVD Essential Care canned Puppy food and will need another 5 cases. We will also need ten large bags(believe it is 11.5 kgs of the PVD Essential Care Large Breed kibble
E) from generous financial donations, we have Pinesol for another 12 days
F) from generous financial donations, we have Lysol wipes for another 11 days
This does not even take into consideration the many thousands of dollars it is going to take to vet them to prepare for their special announcements.
These wee Labx beans, found nursing on their mom that was laying dead under a tractor, two with punctures, are now safe with us. If they could, they would also say THANK you to everyone for this lifesaving assistance. 
This is Miss Fighter Bean. She is the tiniest and weighed the same last Thursday as her wee beautiful sister, that passed away hours after we rescued them. .38 kgs.
She was the sickest besides her pink collar sister that passed, that I called Miss Charm Bean. She sure charmed the hearts out of Cassy & me.
Sometimes one just needs a little hand up! This picture makes my heart melt. She is a fighter…..and I will help her fight the good fight ALL the way!
She is super quiet and sweet – for now!, and she and Mr. Warrior Bean are giving it their all! AS am I!
Like her brother, she is not 100% so her real personality is not yet completely shining through. She also gets frustrated as it is hard for her to breathe when attempting to feed as she is still fighting the big battle with aspiration pneumonia.
She is the one with the bad hind end and legs. She more pulls herself with her front end. We will be investigating further.
She also wants to eat, which is an excellent sign, and many opportunities are given for her to latch on. When she latches, she feeds super well.
She may be tiny, yet, her heart and will are strong.
I am very protective of them all and just a smidge more protective of her right now. They all need love and attention, and her personality is one that will fade – at least for now in the background – allowing more outgoing pups to get everything. That does not happen here, for all get SO much, and no one will be passed over.
Today, I plan on weighing them. Their weights as of Thursday, August 4th in emergency:
Puppy 1 – 0.38 kgs – deceased as of 8:49 AM Thursday, August 4th
Puppy 2 – 0.38 kgs as well
Puppy 3 – 0.48 kgs
Puppy 4 – 0.46 kgs
Puppy 5 – 0.56 kgs
Puppy 6 – 0.64 kgs
Right now, while the beans look like bear cubs, she resembles more of a teeny squirrel!
We will be doing our popular Name Game Fundraiser to try and raise much-needed funds for vetting – five pups to vaccinate, boosters x 2, exams, 4 spays, 1 neuter, flea/tick/hw meds, bloodwork, further investigating Miss Fighter Beans hind end, etc., not to mention food, formula, pee pads, Pinesol, toys, treats, dog beds, laundry detergent, liquid fabric softener and so on.
Puppies are wee, their needs are enormous!