Yesterday, I spent a few hours with this handsome dude & his wonderful foster fam!
BHRR’s Mr. Titan!
He is a WOW dog! He LOVES everyone, every dog, everything – gets so excited and is such a happy boy! Even with the one cat in the home, he has come so far – she is not a black squirrel to want to chase! He has had zero issues with their other cat. He is learning…..
You have come far, Mr. Titan, with your health, and now we work a bit more on those leash manners as you just want to see everyone!  You rocked our training session yesterday with me/your foster family, and it was truly lovely to see you again…… 
The healthier plus happy you have gotten, the younger you appear to be! I am still going to say ~5 yet, most likely a bit younger than that. You can ‘kanga-dane’ with the best of them! 
You will make that right-matched, forever-loving home THE most amazing of additions!