I am a bit behind with some posts!!
The Three’s Company Pups were at the Vet on June 28th for their boosters, eye checks, next weigh-in, and next round of flea/tick/hw meds.
They had a blast seeing each other again!
Thank you again to Jack’s foster mama for holding down the fort in the exam room as there were many tech apts booked, and I had to run a catheter for a patient euthanasia.

This is a collage of all three, and I got a great pic of the Vet looking at Mr. Jacks one eye.
Right now, their eyes are doing well, and we will re-visit at their booster apt in a couple of weeks to see how they are doing.
They do not have chronic pain or infections, and while they are abnormal – typical for many DM eyes – they are not bothered by them.
They are booked for their spays/neuter a few weeks after their final vaccines too.
I am still confident about the special needs pups of Miss Chrissy & Mr. Jack going up for adoption at some point. Special needs Miss Janet remains a big ‘if’. It may be in her best interest to be part of our Haven Program.
She has come far and one step at a time! No rush….
Miss Janet weighed: 9 kgs
Miss Chrissy weighed: 9.5 kgs
Mr. Jack weighed: 9.3 kgs