Today, a very beautiful sight was seen.

AND if one remains very quiet and calm, a shy and gorgeous creature could be seen partially concealed by bushes.

A bit elusive, readily startles at loud and unknown sounds plus sights. Yet, also so gentle plus sweet.

AND, if you are patient and soothing in body language, encouraging, and supportive in ever so softly spoken words, you will be greatly rewarded.

If you are extra lucky, this wonderful animal may even approach you and take a treat from your hand.

This is BHRR’s Gretta – 11.5 years old now – the last surviving FREEDOM Dane from the PAWS R Us bust in September 2011.

Since the fall of 2011, we have had her – bringing in her, her sister, and her mother, and having rescued so many of her relatives in the previous 15 years to 2011 too. We also brought in two unrelated Danes from that same seizure – BHRR’s Freedom & BHRR’s Cobalt.

We repaired her back cruciate – the scar visible even today, we thoroughly vetted her – continue to do so; she now has thyroid issues yet, is still going strong!

We worked hard on her emotional welfare. These dogs were as emotionally aa physically harmed – over 600 dogs were saved.

She is safe; she is adored; she is one of our DDDs – Double-Digit Danes; welcome to a club that far too few ever make Miss Gretta.

Come November, she will celebrate her 12th Birthday, and we are determined and committed to ensuring that she has a great year of health, happiness, plus spoiling!