Oh, BHRR's Benjamin. What to say about such a happy goober monkey! 😀 I decided to hold off placing him up for adoption before we left on my first ever vacation in almost 6 years to see how he fared with the BHRR Volunteer who stayed here during our absence. He was very close to being placed up for adoption and I just wanted to see how things went.

Upon returning, it was clear that he needed some more 'Gwennie's Doggie Boot Camp' re: obedience for he was somewhat back to not wanting to listen when asked to do something the first or second time! LOL So, he and I have had some really good training sessions upon my return and he is almost back to where he was before I left. This has reinforced to me that he shall only be adopted to a very experienced dog home. BHRR's Benjamin is NOT for a first time dog owner. There is not a mean bone in his body yet he is high maintenance with his energy level and needs including having someone to ensure that he is corrected positively plus patiently each and every time he decides he would rather do things 'Benjamin's way' today instead of Gwennie's way! cheeky

He shall have to go to a home that has at least one other dog that has an endurance plus energy level similar to himself for only having walks/hikes and networking with the dogs in his community is not going to be enough for this young man. Maybe, when he is 5 but now now! LOL

He is less likely to 'rock' the inside of the house in play as he gets enough training plus exercise daily here. He has his moments and can be heard first, then seen, smashing & crashing with Sir Maestro and Bleach…sigh…goobers! 😀

He is so young at heart and in spirit and just cramming so much into each day of living. He is not meant for a home with a couch potato that is for sure!

I also noted upon my return that he has some 'excitement' tendencies and will want to push and mouth at the other dogs in his expression of how excited he is. So, he continues to sit before everything – before leash on or off, before being fed, before going into the car etc. Self-control exercises that help make his mind think and not just react. Continued training will keep him focused in the right direction.

The one other thing I experienced after coming back from vacation was that Benjamin was no longer as gentle in the taking of treats, so some major work has been done in that area and he is now back to be the 'lamb' and not the 'cookie monster' when offered treats!

In the 'nail trimming' awards though, I would say that BHRR's Benjamin is still top of that list, if not #1. GO BEN GO! He would be rivaling BHRR's Albert for that honour at this time.

When watching Westminster earlier this year; I saw the Plott Hound gaiting in the ring and I looked at Sean and said 'OMG! That is so similar to the colour of Benjamin's legs!' LOL So, upon doing more research, the markings on BHRR's Benjamin's legs and around his muzzle/neck can be considered very similar to a Saddleback Plott Hound. Truly, as mentioned previously, it is of no matter AND he is one gorgeous dog; whatever his genetic breed make-up is!!!! I just thought it was an interesting aside.

His best friends remain our Sir Maestro(now 8 months) and Bleach(now 6 months). The three of them are like the mischief making muskateers making BHRR's Dana so proud with her corruption of all! LOL

In conclusion, BHRR's Benjamin should be ready for adoption within the next week or so. That depends on him. ;) As always, no rush. This also gives me more time with him…..AND I wuvs him tons!