Miss Aramis – one of our 3 Musketeers.
As I have said many times over the years, ‘know your dog’.
This AM, I rushed her off to the Hospital as I strongly suspected an obstruction.
Miss Aramis loves her food and treats. She is one of those dogs that if she ever went off her food, I would know that something was very wrong.
Sean says that she appeared normal yesterday yet, last night when she had supper, she did not eat it all. Her behaviour while not 100% normal, was not alarming.
Throughout the night, she had three vomiting episodes.
This AM, she was much more subdued and I rushed her off to LAH for x-rays and to take her rectal temp. From there, I was fully prepared to run blood – last bloodwork I did was in December – and then rush her to an emergency hospital for surgery with x-rays, blood results in hand.
With the long waits at the emergency hospitals in the Ottawa area – Alta Vista has had COVID exposure; whatever I could do in advance for preparation to avoid extensive delays; I was prepared to do.
He weight was 45.3 kgs(99.66 pounds) and her temperature was not abnormal.
Will post another update – x-rays etc. shortly.