This is documentation of BHRR’s Olive’s weight from EVC since she arrived into rescue. She went from 62 KGs(136.4 pounds) to 78 KGs(171.6 pounds).  As of December 12th, she has come back to us from her perma-foster home and we are working closely with her Vet Teams to get her back on track with her weight/health.

The Vet that saw her December 7th, advised that should her weight not get back on track; after closely evaluating what/how much food/treats she was being given in addition to her moving regime of walks; we should then consider doing a T4 blood-test.

We will post an update in March – three months after her return and when she is coming up due for her next recheck. We like to do rechecks on our palliative dogs, minimally every 3 months to ensure that they are living their best quality filled lives.