My last post of my night!
Mr. Symba feels strongly that he needs more than 1 bed to recover from his right hind leg TPLO surgery! Thank you to Mr. Granite for being so wonderful to share his own bed with BHRR’s Symba.
His recovery is very slow this time around and not surprising with how bad it actually was……
However, he is taking his meds like a champ – well, ok, maybe not a champ as he finds them in his food and either takes them in his mouth to spit out or just avoids them….so, manually giving him his meds after he has a snack/treat and then given more food and some treats post-pilling has become our routine. He is a very willing patient then. 
As per our other post, his final Vet bill – posted – shows almost $1,000 more than we had been estimated for due to the extreme damage to his meniscus. 
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Thanks so much for your time plus consideration and from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the best of good night wishes are being sent….