In addition to the other blog post(see below) re: play dates, day trips and play trips for the approved BHRR Volunteers to consider bringing the BHRR dogs out for extra FUN; here are the dates for our approved Volunteers to consider for BHRR's Apollo 'SWIM' time sessions at CWW! If interested, please email. I know that he would not only love to re-visit with old friends yet add more fans to his corner! 😉

Friday April 1st – Anytime between 1 PM  – 3 PM
Saturday April 2nd – Anytime between 9 AM – 2 PM
Saturday April 16th – Anytime between 9 AM – 2 PM
Tuesday April 19th – Anytime between 1 PM  -6 PM
Saturday April 23rd – Anytime between 9 AM – 2 PM
Saturday April 30th – Anytime between 9 AM -2 PM

Here is a video posted below of BHRR's Apollo's incredible journey/progress at Canine Water Wellness. My continued and deepest of grateful thanks being extended to both Jen & Lianne of CWW for all that they do! I honestly know that if it were not for them coming on board my/BHRR's Apollo 'Team for/of Success' that he would have lost his leg. He challenged my almost 25 years in medicine & rehab and taught me so MUCH! When this boy is adopted, so many are going to well up and bawl; myself included!

My continued heartfelt thanks to each and every one of our BHRR Volunteers that have assisted me in taking BHRR's Apollo to these leg saving sessions. With your generous hearts, you are equally as important as a part of the "CHAIN OF SUCCESS" making those links that much stronger! I am indebted. Going back to one of my common phrases and it holds no less weight now; 'there are not enough words in the dictionary to express the word of thanks!' To his current CWW ANGEL 'team' of Don, Allison, Amélie, Holly & Melissa plus Raine; I THANK you! AND I know BHRR's Apollo THANKS you too. He loves his sessions and he loves the loving and I am sure even he would admit the ice cream treaties you buy for him after he works so hard is not too shabby either! 😉 Your dedication, belief in not just BHRR BUT BHRR's Apollo touches my soul deeply. If I have missed  anyone, my deepest apologizes and please please please let me know!

To EVERYONE that has donated funds, time, blankets, his new swim vest, a comforting word and the list goes on and on; YOU also are part of that "CHAIN" and I am humbled by the unselfishness of your hearts! You truly are all of 'BHRR's Apollo's Angels':


Karen & Alex
Don & Allison
Martin & Michelle
Suzanne & Chuck
Alex & Karen
Vicki & Lorna – Donation towards his Canine Water Wellness Sessions

One can only do so much on their own, but together we have ALL saved a life and I think in turn, BHRR's Apollo has saved a few of us!

For those who have not yet read his whole blog(start from the bottom up), it is believed that he had been hit or kicked with extreme blunt force trauma(shovel or steel toe boat for example) for his PCL(Posterior Cruciate Ligament) & Meniscus to be torn with the meniscus completely shredded per the surgeon.