On December 9th, Mr. Oslo was in for his latest recheck. He weighed 40.40 Kgs(88.88 pounds).

We also re-tested his Pheno levels along with his Liver values and discussed when it would be safe/ideal to consider neutering him, if at all.

Per his Vet:
“Phenobarbital level for Oslo at 82 which is within therapeutic level.

No change needed as long as his seizures controlled. He has a very mild increase of phosphorus and creatine Kinase (likely from seizures activities).”

Today, December 30th, one month from when he had his last cluster seizures; @ around 9:30 AM, he had a seizure; then another one at 12:58 PM and then a third one just after that. He was given rectal Diazepam and then taken to the Emergency Hospital.

He was placed on a Diazepam IV infusion and will remain on it until AM.

This poor dog cannot catch a break. 

Please keep him in your thoughts as well as his caring foster home for as much as I love him, the connection plus bonding that he and they have had together; is making this separation/situation even more difficult.

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