BHRR’s Volt!

As I was loading up the car; she made it clear I was not leaving without her!

I left the door open so she could run around and zip while I packed the car; yet, nope….she just stayed in the car.

As many are aware, when she first arrived, she was so stressed over getting into the car plus car rides. I have spent significant time setting her up for success and now she loves it!

We are on our way!!! Today, is the long drive to do her home-visit for a possible approved adoption.

Should this be her right home; will have to make sure they continue to set her up for success as I do not want her associating the car with me ‘abandoning’ her.

On a side note, when I arrived home last night, I spent almost 5 hours working on the auction.

I now only have a small number of wonderful people left to collect payments and make arrangements for the items to be picked up either from me or from the generous donators.

I shall finish this up when I am back home tomorrow night.

Once again, thank you to everyone for their patience plus their understanding as I co-ordinate many fabu items!

Gentle Reminder: if you have not yet paid, per the auction rules, we request this to be done within 72 hours.

Re: Miss Volt, we will update as we can!

Happy Saturday!!!