BHRR’s Oslo – Cane Corso

He is now 8 months of age!

He is our IS puppy & also has marked bilateral hip subluxation secondary to hip dysplasia after during further ortho investigation on his hind end when he arrived into rescue.

Great news he has not had any seizures since October 20th.

BAD news: Today, November 30th, Mr. Oslo has had two seizures so far – 9:45 AM(~20 seconds) & then 2:59 PM(~50 seconds).

He went 39 days seizure free.

The intensity of them are less than what they were on October 20th and I did reach out to his Vet Hospital to discuss.

We are on close seizure watch monitoring right now.

His wonderful foster has rectal diazepam on hand and will keep me posted. If he has another one within 24 hours or one longer than 2 minutes, he will be brought into emerge.

His recheck was already scheduled for December 9th. At that time, he would be getting his next round of blood-work to recheck his liver values to see how his liver is handling the meds, plus to check his levels.

Additionally, we wanted to discuss neutering him – the protocols for sedation is different for a seizure dog – and to also pick up more medications – Gabapentin and Phenobarbital for him.

HIs foster has already picked up more Deramaxx for him.

We are still seeking December Sponsorship for him. His bills are almost $500/month right now.

We have had a generous donation of $25 – THANK you!

AND so, we are still in need of $475 to help cover his bills for December.

Donations can be sent directly to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic: 613-383-8381

OR Via PayPal to

OR via Email Transfer to
*please just let us know the password!

AND please do keep this sweet puppy in your best thoughts!