BHRR’s Percival!

Love this picture of him!

He is ‘fuzzy’ as he decided to go for a dip in the one spring fed pond and then had a quick bath as he was stinky!. Today, has been such a gorgeous day weather wise. One would think it was spring, not almost neck deep in winter, particularly after the two snow storms we recently had here.

Unfortunately, as he is still in our care, today, he was in for his annual plus we did blood-work to submit to the lab for his 6 month Quant C6 levels, as when he arrived into rescue, we learned that he was Lyme Positive.

He was not due for his next QC6 until January 2nd – technically – yet, with the bad weather pretty much upon us and that I do not yet, know how my future Career plans will be looking; we did it today, almost 5 weeks early.

We had treated him for Lyme disease and now he requires blood-work every 6 months to test his levels and he remains on tick medication year round to limit further exposure to ticks. We keep the dogs on flea/tick/hw meds year round so, not a problem.

He weighed 33.8 kgs(74.36 pounds). This is down slightly from the 77.22 pounds he was in July and he looks MARVELLOUS! He is lean, muscled, toned and looks fabu!

When we first got him, he was an obese out of shape 91.08 pounds. He has lost 16.72 pounds in our care. WTG Mr. Percy!

He can now run and race and zoom and zip and not be out of breath.

He had his vaccines today too plus I obtained more Vanectyl P for his allergies. He still gets 2 EOD.

He is a FAR cry for the swollen, raw, bleeding with anal fistula’s dog that first came into our rescue. We got his allergies under control and he remains on his excellent first food diet too.

He was a good boy! He remains slightly nervous at the Vet yet, truly proud of all of the progress he has made since his arrival.

AND his car anxiety is unbelievably amazing now!! Some whining and pacing yet, he ROCKED it. 1.5 hour round-trip drive and he was a star. GOOD boy!

I want to also thank BHRR’s Giselle’s plus BHRR’s Bursts special Secret Santa’s for meeting me today! AND for the Pinesol gifts to BHRR.

For those Santa elves still outstanding on their own special SS’s, here is my availability this week to meet up. Do email for the exact location.

**I need to have time to get them to then drop off those that need dropping off to their Foster Homes for XMAS**

Monday November 30th 5:30 PM – Nepean
Tuesday December 1st 8:00 AM – Kanata
Wednesday December 2nd 12:30 PM – Kanata
Pet Valu Stittsville -1250 Main Street North, Stittsville – *During their business hours* – Thanks Bre!