AND BHRR’s Symba was out of surgery around 4 PM.

He weighed about 61 kgs(134.20 pounds). He is very lean.

Per Dr. Philibert, everything went well and he is in post-op.

I will be picking him up around 7:30 PM.

AND for those that missed the previous update: BHRR’s Symba actually has both back legs blown. Not one. 

So, Dr. Philibert fixed the worst one – the left – and when he heals, we will then repair the other leg. When it rains it pours….poor sweet man.

Thank you from my heart to Liston Animal Hospital and to Dr. Philibert for taking excellent care of him today!

We also had his nails done while he was under and a good ear cleaning as he battled ear infections when he first arrived and is still getting better at having me clean them – wiggle monster he can be!

Thank you FROM my heart also to the two rescue angels that made generous donations to his bills today! YOU know who you are and we remain incredibly indebted….

AND thank you to everyone that has sent well wishes his way!!! That touches us deeply!

We have much to figure out re: fundraising for BHRR’s Symba’s current and now even more future bills, BHRR’s Coupe’s own ortho surgeries, BHRR’s Olive’s December and beyond bills, BHRR’s Oslo’s bills etc…..

We finally have our 3 Muskateers arriving this weekend – I have worked on their rescue and in getting them healthy since July and they are finally able to travel. THANK you to their own outstanding emerge temp foster home for being there for them! 

Yet, we must keep the faith….

As many are also now aware, our doors are closed again…..we closed them after BHRR’s Oslo’s own orth diagnosis of marked bilateral hip subluxation secondary to hip dysplasia.