Freedom Dane BHRR’s Gretta
November 8th, 2020

Many may remember this beauty. She is one of the last surviving Freedom Danes from the Paws R Us Seizure/Bust in September 2011.

The largest bust in Canadian history. Even highly experienced people like myself could not have adequately be prepared heading in for the ensuing three months following that seizure, volunteering and lending a much needed hand at the emergency shelter day in and day out.

Today, we honour her as she has reached Double Digit Dane numbers – She is now 10!

BHRR has assisted Danes from this line for almost 20 years. We have helped sisters, brothers, half-siblings, aunts, her mother, her grandfather, great relatives and more.

November is often known as Senior Month.

Miss Gretta, you have survived hell and beyond and here you are today, standing tall – gone are the days that you and your litter-mate BHRR’s Peanut had to be carried in and out of the shelter a couple times daily.

While your own forever loving right matched personality fit loving home never found you; we moved you to our Haven Program and you have lived the truest of high stellar quality filled life with us.

Almost 148 acres to romp in with trails, 3+ acres safely fenced in; friends to play with, humans that adore you and understand you and through patience, time, consistency, structure plus routine have demonstrated kind caring loving hands; not hurting hands to you.

You no longer live in a dark building filled with filth and having to sleep standing on your back legs. Fans can still make you a bit nervous yet, you have come SO far sweet girl.

You have dog beds and thick comfy duvets, a/c, heat, access to fresh water all the time, fresh air and sunshine and warm winter coats plus enough food – yes, you are a wee bit chunky yet, that is ok!!! You get the best in vet care, treats and caring love.

You remain distrustful and fearful and shy of so many, yet, you have developed a strong set up for success circle of humans that you adore as much as they adore you! Your tail is no longer held tight up to your belly and you now know how to wag it and happy wags you love to give!

We had to repair that back left leg of yours and it seems, sadly, from then on, no one had any interest in considering to give you a home with them; yet, that is ok!

We could not imagine you not being here, in our home, part of our family and hearts; you have been here for the past 9 years and you have made us better humans in having been blessed to have been touched by you.


We promise to continue to do right by you and to see you keep living your best life every day!

Car rides with the sunroof opened up tomorrow JUST for you in honour of you with some timbits too!