BHRR’s Walter


Mr. Walter, this was another bittersweet adoption for me.

My heart wanted to call you mine and never let you go!

Yet, I knew that when you were ready to be placed up for adoption, that you no longer needed me….you wanted me; yet, no longer needed me.

AND we must let go of the ones that no longer need us so, we can help another that does need us.

It has been an absolute honour helping you to become the best boy you are and your future is so bright.

Closing a chapter is tough, any great foster home can tell you how hard it is to let go, and you make the 422nd time I have done the best thing ever – the right thing too! – by letting one of my fosters – you go!

My heart and soul goes into each and every dog that is in need of our highly specialised programs and you and I will always be connected….we will always have that bond like no other yet; now it is time for you to begin a new exciting wonderful chapter and keep living your best life!

You are already missed yet, know that I am as much excited plus happy as I am through my sniffling tears for as it is said; parting is such sweet sorrow!

Congratulations to you Mr. Walter, such a handsome incredibly sweet blue Great Dane whose charm, kindness, gentleness plus big heart is beyond special! Your determination to live through arriving into rescue so beyond sick; is also a testament to your rock solid inner strength. You have such a goofy silly mischievous side and it is unbelievably endearing.

Thank you to his forever loving adoptive home for all of their patience as we went through our extremely thorough adoption screening process.

SO worth the drive!!