BHRR’s Symba!

My last post of my night is a special request on his behalf.

I know that we already made a post seeking urgent items in preparation for his and BHRR’s Coupe’s huge upcoming ortho surgeries; yet; there is one thing that is a specific request for this sweet boy.

As many know, I have posted several times re: his love and comfort of the jumbo stuffie here.

We are now in search of another jumbo stuffie – 4-5 feet in height for him to have post-op.

As we shall have to clean this one; rotating with a new one as needed during his recovery; will mean he would never be without. When we wash this one; his is like the toddler sitting outside the washer plus dryer; being a suck until he gets it back.

We have to restrict his mobility during his recovery and if anyone has a jumbo stuffie they no longer wish to keep; please consider one big Bull Mastiff baby to donate to? 

Also here is our Amazon Wish List Link for other items needed:

On that note, from our home to all of our friends, family plus supporters; warmest of good night wishes are being sent!

AND yes, we are still working on renovations!