Lindsay now has her!!

Per Lindsay they are now shopping for a pupacino!

The just shy of 5 months(Born February 10th), Black Lab, DEAF, IS & Neuro puppy

We are going to call her BHRR’s Devaney. 

We also suspect some possible vision concerns and will assess that. It is clear when you see her eyes that there are neuro issues. She had encephalitis when she was about 6 weeks of age. At 10 weeks, she began having seizures.

We will be getting her into our Vet ASAP as the only thing the previous O.’s were having on hand was Diazepam (rectal use). They declined at their Vets to take any seizure meds.

We may have to move towards a MRI as this was something the O‘s own Hospital had discussed with them.

We are waiting for all of her prior Vet records to be able to properly review with our Vet & Specialist Teams.

She is going to bunk down with Lindsay for now and we could not be more happy!

We are deeply relieved to have her for on Sunday, I had received a voice message that we needed to get her sooner than we had originally had planned/was agreed upon with the home. They wanted her gone that day or she was going to be put to sleep per the husband.

I called the owner during my break and then went to work mobilising. Lindsay offered to pick her up yesterday first thing in the AM, yet, the Owner went on radio silence and the stress level increased tenfold as I worked to make contact.

It was a very worrisome time thinking that she may have been killed.

Yet, now she is safe and we will take it one step/day at a time figuring things out for her.

First thing is going to be getting her out of that ill fitting half check Martingale! She is way too young for that type of training collar.

Thank you Lindsay and if anyone wishes to be a rescue angel to her, she does need a new collar, leash and a Costco Dog Bed to call her very own!

When we know more re: her medical needs, we will post those.

Welcome to BHRR baby Devaney!!!