The next in URGENT Need of BHRR.

Almost 18 month old special needs female Saint Bernard.

This is a hard owner surrender for us at BHRR.

We have been aware of this girl since she was a small puppy and her caring owner has reached out to us twice in the past re: her and possibly taking her in if necessary.

Early yesterday AM, her caring Owner reached out to us once more asking for our assistance as they want to give this girl the best possible chance of a quality of life.

This Owner has done all that they could to date for her, even getting a second opinion and a third opinion – this from ortho specialist Dr. Phiilibert – back in February.

This sweet girl – good with dogs plus humans and while she can get a bit excited around cats – has never hurt a soul; is all around awesomeness! – has severe HD and quite possibly bilateral cruciate issues. 

She did have a past surgery on her eyes and has been diagnosed with corneal ulcers. She is also said to have hearing issues. We will confirm this.

I have even had the absolute pleasure of meeting this gorgeous girl myself in the past.

That we were contacted once again for possible assistance as her Owner was now strongly considering humane euthanasia as they did not wish to see her suffer and could not take on the estimated $10,000+ to physically rehabilitate her; humbles us immensely.

We are forever touched to be entrusted with her welbeing.

We are working on a couple of Fundraisers to assist with her medical bills….

ETA to BHRR: Monday June 1st

We wil post more as we learn more and do keep her previous Owner in your hearts as this is not easy on them.