BHRR’s Singe
2014 – February 20th, 2020

As those who followed my previous post about losing not one yet two beloved BHRR dogs in the space of 8 days; I am finally ready…not really ready though; yet, am doing it anyway, posting what I hope is a somewhat fitting memorial to the first of these two amazing dogs.

BHRR’s Singe was lost to us due to a stroke.

To think that this dog overcame so much…he was emaciated and it took forever to figure things out for him to get that weight on him.

Many will remember his condition and many still will remember how amazing he finally came to look

Those flews, the drool, his eyes that reached deep inside of you, the way he would gently roll slightly off of his side and lift up his left front leg to get me to rub his chest more….

His chest and belly were so soft…just so incredibly soft as was BHRR’s Singe’s personality.

The way he came to love food..the way he would bounce and trot awkwardly with his wonky hind end back and forth to his feeding area to the bowls…..

His soft stunning brown eyes….the way he spoke volumes without making a sound.

That even with how bad his back end was and the strength plus muscle mass that we developed in him; would allow him to jump our hinged door just because he chose that he did not want to be in the hallway any longer…that he never realised that this gate was never locked is beside the point!

The way he would greet me when I got up or arrived home…that big ol’ noggin of his pushing under my elbow, nudging right up under my armpit blowing his hot wet breath!

The pleasure he took settling in by one of the fireplaces plopping down after much circling with the biggest sigh of contentment, rocking the pictures on the wall!

The way that you would romp and run; it truly was like watching Bambi! Those long model legs, so un-coordinated and the memories of witnessing your joy as you believed that you were running as fast as the wind!

You could look so regal and noble standing still yet, we well knew that you were one big puppy goofball in personality and movement!

The bumping into me as you had zero judgement of spacial awareness making me teeter…well, maybe not so much fun!

All of these things and more shall I forever miss about you dear BHRR’s Singe…My Singey……

I continue to often question the universe why bad things happen to such good people and animals etc., and to date, I have never received an answer back….

With each loss comes more heartache and pain and questions…..

The final gift that I could give you dear man is to hold you close to my heart and soak your soft fur with my tears of anguish crossing you over.

I adore you, I miss you from your nose to your tail and the soft and not so soft chewbacca sounds you would make…..

That my hand could be engulfed into your mouth as you gently took a treat leaving my hand and fingers dripping with slime/drool is also an experience, I would dearly love to have a million more times…

RIP my dear man… are visited each night with so many others in my dreams and until we meet once more; I will continue to visit you there…..