Lucie picked BHRR’s Royal Blu several hours ago and now he has safely been transferred to Michele’s loving care!

I will be on my way shortly to meet her… safe!

I always say the world is a small place….However, I must be getting ‘old’ as it took me up to just a few days ago to click in to just who this Great Dane was. 

It was not until I received his previous Vet Records and when the Rescue that first had him mentioned a name associated with his time with them, that I truly clicked in.

Turns out, that we know who he is…..and we are well aware of his journey to Canada in 2017 and quite a bit of time while in Canada from when he first arrived. The Dane world is very small.

That, we were approached to assist him and that he is now in our care, has made me one of the happiest people in the world!!!! 

I cannot wait to meet you and I am glad that we have spruced up your name to be BHRR’s Royal Blu for per Lucie:

‘He traveled wonderfully well. He is calm and very regal (the royal Blu moniker is a very good one).’