My last post of my night!

BHRR’s Percival!
Fox Red Lab

I so LOVE this photo! Looks like someone had a long hard day and is now crashed out! 

As mentioned previously, he was back at the Vet yesterday as his one foot is red and bothering him and when his foster mom told me, I was worried about possible infection. So, got him in immediately to be seen.

Apparently, the Vet believes that it is a contact allergy so there is something – we are thinking possibly? the hay for the rabbits as he does have seasonal allergies – that has caused him to have a flare-up.

He remains on his Apoquel yet, the Vet has now added Vanectyl P plus another round of antibiotics to his medical regime.

I also had another bag of his special food ordered and his foster mom picked it up while she was there.

He weighed 35 KGs and as stated before, anything between 35-37 kgs I am content with.

So, his Vet bills are now close to $3,500 and he is one of the deserving dogs that will benefit from our currently running 7th Annual Breaking Bills Bake Online Auction!

For those asking, no, he has not yet had his professional photo shoot. I am told that they have now had to be rescheduled twice.

BHRR’s Coupe is the other amazing dog that will benefit from this auction.

We currently have 43 WOW items up for grabs! We have cookies, cheesecakes, dog treats, pies, cinnamon buns, pudding shooters, dates with BHRR’s Percival & BHRR’s Coupe and even two tickets up for our annual BHRR DINE WITH THE DOGGIES Event.

To view all of the items and to bid, please visit the below link AND if anyone may have something that they would consider donating to this auction, please do email us with the details, including location for pick-up!

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, stay safe out there wishes are being sent! We are currently in a huge snowstorm right now…expecting 35 cms with snow squalls, so please be careful and make sure that your animals are warm too!