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This is a Video of Kenai at EVC after we gave him some sedation. This is him after he settled down a LOT from the high level of arousal he was at upon arrival.

Since this video/arrival, he is getting plenty of exercise, no pressure is being placed upon him, his nights are great now, his days are very very very slowly – his inches are miles in improvement – settling into the routine of consistency, lots of passively ignoring and he is now drinking plus eating all on his own.

When he first arrived, his anxiety and stress level were so high, he could literally not focus on anything. His eyes were just not seeing or processing anything. We had to handfeed him and that meant making meatball size morsels and putting it right up to his nose as he was spinning around and around trying to self-mutilate.

Being painfully thin to begin with getting him to eat and drink on his own was a big priority.

He also now has giant size stimulation toys with treats in them to help him ‘let go’ of so much tension and anxiety. They get him to stop and focus on the task in front of him and rewards him.

He started the Clomicalm yesterday too and that will additionally assist him at this time.

Just a small update to say that your donations make a difference! AND they are helping us give him what he needs.