My last post of my night!

BHRR’s Miss Volt and my 4 month old IS in action!

As you can see there is NOT much of a size difference between them – the now 1 year old adorable ‘rotten rottie’ baby of ours! 

Everyone who meets her continues to just fall in love – social with all – people and animals! She is affectionate, so loving, kind, gentle and a true love.

As many that have been following her situation closely, being electrocuted in her past home was only part of her issues.

Five surgeries have successfully resolved her mouth – yet, per posts made from the moment I picked her up, I noted that she was chewing and licking her wee lady bits.

It was then determined that she has a vulva conformity issue – it is not placed where it should be – and per her specialist Dr. Philibert, it was recommended to wait until she had her first heat to see if that may help resolve some of her also super ‘tight folds’, reducing the severity of the surgery that she would require.

She would require more than just a vulvaplasty and Dr. Philibert was hoping that by having a heat, that this may help her prior to heading into surgery.

Well, she is now 1 year of age and still has not had a heat and as many can contest by meeting her, she is has to be one of the smallest Rotties ever!

She should have had a heat between 6-9 months, the outside 11 months and this has not happened.

To me, her personality is huge and amazing yet, now all of us are wondering if there are other medical things going on.

She clearly has dwarfish, is beautifully proportioned yet, now we are all wondering if she has the normal insides for a female. We have seen our share of dogs without ovaries nor a uterus.

So, I have reached out to Dr. Philibert to schedule a recheck and to go from there…..we still have to remove that one broken incisor that continues to not concern her Vet Team. It was planned to do that at the same time as her spay/plastic surgery. 

She eats, drinks and is playful, smart – very agile – man, is she agile! She can scale things like no tomorrow!

To those that thought she should have been put to sleep when she arrived into rescue after being surrendered to an animal hospital for untreated electrocuted wounds to her face/mouth, you remain in the wrong.

She is living an unbelievably incredible life in the mean-time!

She loves showing Ireland the ‘ropes’ of all that this great big amazing world has to offer in experiences, smells and yummy things to eat!

We still have 6 BHRR doggies hoping for a Special Secret Santa of their very own with BHRR’s Miss Volt being one of those dogs still wishing……

Just a reminder as well that our Facebook page shall be unpublished this weekend as the Boers women shall be away and the Boers men are holding down the fort!

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the best of good night wishes are being sent!