Got him!

A handsome small Male Blue Great Dane!

My heart pours out with so much support to his lovely home who have made this really difficult decision to let him go.

Great people as I say so often, have to give up their dogs and this was heartbreaking.

Yes, he has one ear that is a failed crop yet, he is stunning and we are now going to work our way home….he is covered in scars from being on the streets in the First Nation Community having to fend for himself.

Welcome to The BHRR Family Mr. Freddie! 

Once he settles in a small bit as he needs to learn to trust me some first, off to the Vet for examination and a detailed blood panel that will include thyroid and Tickborne disease testing to help determine if there is any underlying medical condition that may have caused this snap/connection.

The behavioural assessment is already in progress. From the moment I got my hands on him, it started and we shall see where this goes for him.

We are not miracle workers yet, he will be given every opportunity for us to help him so that another situation like this does not occur.

In learning more re: the snap – the adult daughter was on the couch and his head was on her lap and she was petting him and then went to lift up his head to give him a kiss – and he made a noise and snapped, and in the process, made a connection on her skin – bruised and swollen, no punctures. So, that already tells me, that he was showing restraint for if he had wanted to, he could have seriously harmed her.

As to what triggered it, pain, a trigger from his past, was he startled, privileged behaviour as he was on the couch, space issue? Something else?….that I do not know.

What I do know is that he and I are going to have a close working relationship together as we go through this journey together….

Please join me in keeping his wonderful previous home in your hearts as letting him go was so hard on them.