Picture #5 While we still wait to be seen by the Vet, Miss Lily decides it is ok to lay on her side….keeping those gorgeous peepers on me at all times!

All I am doing is just being there for her, in her sight, quiet, comfortable and having confidence demonstrating in my body language that all will be ok.

When the Vet came in, she was in my lap again and when he crouched down and put his body sideways, she came up for some sniffs and some pats.

This girl had been put into a prong, harsh training methods had been used and while she was nervous she equally showed backbone to me that if she was forced she would mouth gently. She correctly beautifully as I respect her.

As told to the Vet, yes, she is nervous yet she equally is pushing back as she just does not want something to happen. We have to find that balance and so, we did not get her temperature yet her heart was listened to.

We did not do bloodwork yet I do know that we could have done this yet stated I was happy to wait and she had her vaccines. A partial mouth exam was done and the big success was that she knew at the end of it that she survived!

To not have done anything at this Visit, she would have not learned anything and while we did not get all done that she needs, we got some truly important things done and she saw that at the end of it that she not just survived yet thrived!

To me that was a great Vet visit!!