This is Miss Lily!
~15 month old Great Dane
*She is Deaf & Visually Impaired

Thank you from our hearts to Tanya of Poet’s Vision for putting the O. in touch with our highly focused special needs Great Dane Rescue.

As I state so often, good owners sometimes have to let go of their dogs and it is an extremely difficult time for them. 

This home is not new to dogs and is not inexperienced yet, having a deaf/visually impaired Dane is new to them. They have worked hard to do right by her and they now want better for her.

BHRR is here to support and to assist where needed and please do join me in providing kindness to her O.

ETA to BHRR Thursday August 1st.

I also wish to thank Tasha for offering to temp foster BHRR’s Oliver so that I can bring this lovely gem direct into my own home!

After her arrival, per a previous post, our doors will be closed as we need to take care of our financial health. With the unexpected expense of BHRR’s Fletcher of not one yet two surgeries this week, our coffers are bare.

BHRR relies on the kindness and support of others via donations to keep BHRR operating to the high standard that we do and BHRR is mostly funded out of the personal pockets of Sean/myself.

We are tapped right taking care of BHRR’s Volt, BHRR’s Rion and now BHRR’s Fletcher plus BHRR’s Penelope, so once BHRR’s Lily arrives; we are sorry to say that we can not help any further dogs for X period of time.

For those that may consider our cause to support, donations can be made direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

We never will compromise the high level of care each animal deserves and while we wish we could keep our doors open; we cannot without your help.

BHRR has been the local Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue since 1996 and we thank you in advance for any consideration……