So this just happened! Always wanted to say that! 

BHRR’s Daffodil is ADOPTED! 

This sweet precious amazing out of this world fantastic Dane has waited patiently for so long – as have we! – for that right matched forever loving home to find her.

I have stated this before….it only takes one application, that right matched forever loving one to make a successful adoption occur and dear sweet beautiful lady, yours finally arrived. 

In all of the time all of us have waited, not ONE application ever came in for you….not one.

As with BHRR’s Holden with each event at BHRR watching people step around and even over him – which to me was positively rude – I kept saying, that those people were not meant for him and that when that time was right, the one meant for him would ‘see’ him for who he is and adore him for being who he is….BHRR’s Holden, your own happily ever finally happened years ago and today, it was BHRR’s Daffodils turn. 

For those that saw these two at our recent BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House, words like ‘magical’ and ‘special’ were heard….

Well, then the application came in and from there the adoption process was gone through and tonight, with Megan assisting – who is also the lovely soul who helped name BHRR’s Daffodil  – a wonderful home-visit was had….

Congrats to this home and the stunning Miss Daffodil has two ‘big’ siblings too! 

We also want to welcome this home to our BHRR family! 

For as I often say, we did not lose Miss Daffodil, we gained another fabu Approved Volunteer! 

I am now making the drive home and as tired as I am, my heart is so happy!