AND we are on our way!

We are off to Pet Valu Hazeldean – 457 Hazeldean Road – for our second community education & public awareness event of 2019!

AND Miss Volt shall be in appearance from 10-4 pm

This is how she likes to hang in my car when I first load her up! 

Then, we have the ‘conversation’ about her needing to be safely tethered when we drive and that she cannot be on my back dashboard! 

It is part of our travel routine and after much sighing, she comes down and then is safely secured for driving….

What a hoot she is! 

What a gorgeous day it shall be today too! The sun, which has been rare of late is out in full force.

We are doing nails, ear cleanings, we shall have some merchandise/baking for sale and we will also have our pup Sponsor Board.