The Dane Trio – AKA my gorgeous Three Blind/Deaf Mice.
March 24th, 2019

5 months of age!

THIS is what your incredibly generous plus much needed support enables us to do.

They are all deaf/blind and we had to do double eye eneucleations on both BHRR’s Glacier & BHRR’s Sleet.

At this time, I only removed the one eye on Summit based upon detailed conversations with his Vet Team plus Specialist, Dr. Philibert. We all well know that we may end up having to remove that eye at some point due to continued chronic eye infections.

Today was a glorious day for a walk!

They are wearing their Wiggle Bumz collars!

We cannot do what we do without the truly amazing support of our friends, family plus supporters.

Thank you in not only believing in us yet in believing in all of these really inspirational special needs dogs that we are here to help live the best in quality filled lives.

Tomorrow, they are back at the Vets for their next recheck and we will be doing their next nail trims at that time too for as many who know me, know that I am always putting the dogs into the hands of others when they are ready! While it is a breeze for me to do their nails at home, even all by myself, I want and need them to keep being handled by others.

This is so important to help them become the most well rounded plus balanced dogs they can be!

Their training is going fantastic and they have been excellent students!