We are in yet another brutal snow storm right now.

15+ cms of snow and ice coming down and this is BHRR’s Miss Volt!

LOVING every minute of it….this is her when I said it was time to come in….She sat down and just looked at me.

The puppy stand off was ‘on’ and well, after some ‘conversations’ back and forth, she is now having a great snooze in front of one of the fireplaces! 

What a hoot of a pup she is!

At her last Vet Visit, she weighed 41.8 pounds and her mouth is finally scarring up and her private parts are a lot less raw/irritated. She was able to have her first vaccines and continues to charm all that meet her.

I have spent a lot of time working with her skittishness and she now just takes the world by storm! That tail could not wag any harder or faster with her wonderful happiness at meeting new people and dogs etc.

When I tend to the horses, she loves to lay on the bales and just keep me company. She is truly a WOW pup!

She is NOT AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION and when/if that time comes, as with all of our dogs, she will only be placed per a right matched personality fit.

Like quite a few of our dogs over the past 23+ years of operating, she is another popular one yet BHRR does not flip dogs, we do not place on a first come first served basis, we only place per right matched personality fit which has enabled us to have a second to none adoption success rate.

100% for over 10 years of operating and now 98% as we go through year 23.

For those interested in her, please do understand that there is only one of her and we must and will only do right by her!

We also want to sincerely thank everyone that has donated items to our flash auctions, shared the auctions and/or participated or may participate!

Your support in words, donations be it items or financial has meant more than you could possibly know.

BHRR’s Volts bills are close to $11,000 right now and she still has several more Vet visits plus procedures to come including addressing her vulva conformity issue – better as she has grown!

Her next Vet Visit is March 26th and we shall re-visit her mouth again and her vulva…lots of close monitoring going on.