The Dane Trio VIDEO 
4 months of age – March 9th, 2019

Today was so gorgeous that I began to do kitchen spring cleaning – right before the next big snow & ice storm hits tomorrow – 15+ cms expected! – and I had the whole kitchen dismantled with cupboards emptied, doors off, counter tops piled high as I wiped out, purged and got all tidied up again!

That being said, The Dane Trio kept me company and supervised my efforts! 

They are never far away from me…..they always find me! They have been excellent pupils with their scent training!

AND like typical children, they all wanted the same toy – one that squeaks and was given to BHRR’s Connery by his emerge temp foster family! My three beautiful blind mice clearly stole it from him!

I will have to go out and buy The Dane Trio their own squeaker stuffies!