For the last few days, BHRR’s Volt has been trying so hard to get into the shower with me….

She has always wanted to be in the bathroom with me while I was showering yet over the last few days, she has been wanting/trying to also get into the shower with me!

Being really small, she could not quite master getting into the tub….

Well, today; I felt a cold breeze and turned around and this is the sight I had…. 

My phone was on the back of the toilet playing music, so I snagged it and took this picture!

The next picture is when I said it was time to go and let me shower solo….that face, it just kills me!

I fear that my showers moving forward shall include a wee spoiled rotten rottie baby! 

Go figure, like many dogs, baths are tolerated yet getting into the tub on their own terms is a blast!

Veronica – she looks so pretty in that collar you donated!