Last post of my night!

It has been an incredibly busy day!

BHRR’s Connery is settling in well to his emerge temp foster home. I so miss him yet he is in excellent hands! 

This is the ~15 month old emaciated Great Dane that was picked up as a stray in a really bad area(O. believed to be known and never claimed him) and is suffering trauma – believed to be a hit by car. 

His detailed bloodwork has come back as excellent and no surprises to note. it demonstrates that yes, he is battling an infection and he is on antibiotics – one for his eye infections and one for the back right hock that has the wound on it.

He is Deramaxx along with Gabapentin for his hind end and the strongly suspected blown cruciate and once he is no longer emaciated, we can move forward to sedation and doing x-rays as part of our further diagnostics.

His emerge temp foster home will take him in for regular weigh-ins, is feeding him small frequent meals and is providing him with so much love and acceptance, patience, understanding, structure plus consistency.

As his fecal tested positive for whips and hooks, the de-worming protocol is causing him to have some diarrhea and it is being monitored closely. 

He is eating and drinking and his emerge temp foster home finds him equally sweet, lacking manners and are loving their time with him. 

AND I remain completely and truly indebted to them for stepping up to emerge temp foster him after we could get him here, vetted him again – we had him vetted in January with his original rescue angels!

For I have the Dane Trio deaf/blind puppies that will have their eye removal surgeries on the 15th plus have BHRR’s Volt here too. 

From our home to all of our friends, family plus friends, good night wishes being sent! Be safe out there! It is a veritable ice rink at my place right now and for those who know our laneway/hill; it is not fun!