BHRR’s Char
December 24th, 2018Another sneak peek photo from our annual Christmas Eve Photo Shoot.

She is a hoot! When she does remember to focus, her obedience skills and manners have become impeccable!

She is a fiesty, pushy, mind all of her own kind of gal yet that has helped make her a survivor. She is affectionate, likes to often ‘talk back’, makes me laugh and giggle and keeps me delightfully on my toes with her antics.

She is a giant puppy and has come a long way in such a short time and her progress from emaciated, terrified, could not be touched to now is truly remarkable.

Love her very much!

She is a big personality filled girl in a small ‘giant’ Great Dane package!

She will be having vaccines soon and then not long after should be ready to make her own special announcement!

She is a bit of a black blur in almost every photo we took that evening!

Love this one with her tongue sticking out!