BHRR’s Char – ~12-15 month GD
November 2018

She is slowly and so wonderfully putting on the much needed muscle mass and weight that she needs.

Yes, the way she is standing ‘hides’ quite a bit of her still current state of emaciation yet I love this photo as you can see how truly gorgeous she is! 

She is no longer cowering with tail tucked tight up to her body from the first pictures sent our way of her. 

Yes, she has scars on her face and on her body and survived being hit by a moving vehicle – one note stated train and AC who remembers the call have told us it was a transport – and also survived being chained up outside in the mud, starved plus neglected.

This BBBB is amazing! She is absolutely a beautiful girl…inside and out! Strong, feisty, a real character, small, mighty, playful and has been amazing with all the dogs to date.

Her eyes no longer hold terror and confusion. 

She does suffer from understandable SA and we are working through that one day at a time. 

Her manners are also greatly lacking yet baby steps….

I remain so grateful to Sam, Karen & Jane for all that they have done to help save her! 

Our 11th Annual “JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS” Online Auction shall have all monies raised go towards her mounting Vet Bills. Auction ends Thursday November 29th @ 9 PM EST

Bills To Date: $645.33