BHRR’s Whisper!

There really are no better words to say other than that she is now in her right matched personality fit loving forever adoptive home. She is where she is meant to be.

With BHRR’s Rubble’s adoption, I welled up outside my car when leaving, as he also had waited so patiently for so long; so after his emotional adoption yesterday to my heart; I could not quite hold back the spring of tears in my eyes while I was still at the home-visit for BHRR’s Whisper. Yet, none spilled over and everyone was so gracious to forgive my lapse…. ?

I mean I am so so so happy for them both and while this ends my own story of several years journey with them both…they will begin amazing new chapters in their lives.

Two big personalities have now left my home and I am very proud of both of these Danes! From where they started to where they are now, is light years away and my hearts bursts with so much love for them both. ?

BHRR’s Whisper, I know BHRR’s Steam will also be smiling with incredible joy for you as she took you right under her wee wing when you first arrived!

BHRR’s Whisper & BHRR’s Rubble, we never gave up, we remained patient and even if you both were never adopted, home would be with us as we will only place to the right homes meant for you and it has now happened!

BHRR’s Whisper, we do not look upon this adoption as losing you….what we have gained instead is an amazing WOW home to be added to our beautiful BHRR Family! ? Welcome to them!

All home-visits should feel this natural for while it may have taken this long for this lovely home to find you, the wait has been SO worth it!

You will bring extensive laughter, some head shaking ? and total warmth to all that you will touch with your gorgeous spirit and character filled soul in your new life. I know that our paths shall cross again in the future and I look forward to seeing you and your ‘big’ brother….

Congratulations to this wonderful home and truly who does not love a home that likes to rescue and owns a tripod! ??

I now make the drive home filled with vast peace knowing she is home and only that measure of sadness for the part of me that will miss her….

Thank you again Cindy for doing this home-visit with me.