AND BHRR’s Bogart, the Weim is now on his own special picnic play date!

Oh, how my heart loves this truly magnificent boy!

He was a bit worried upon drop-off and as this is his very first time on a date, understandable and the home will be sure to set him up for success. 

He may not think he is ready to get into the hands of other loving folks, but he is and he will have a wonderful day! 

We work so hard to help our dogs become the best they can be in becoming as well rounded plus balanced as possible. Our extremely successful and highly popular play date/visitation program has been instrumental in ensuring that this happens for our amazing dogs. 

He only needs a few more pounds and his weight will be perfect too. I am not sure why of late, we are seeing so many truly obese Weims out and about. We were at the drive-in a couple of weeks ago and the size of the Weim and also two Mastiffs there that night not only broke my heart yet peeved me off. No excuse for any dog to ever become morbidly obese. For those who know me, overweight dogs really bothers me. ?

See you later today BHRR’s Bogart, you Uber gorgeous creature! 

On a side note, all of his bloodwork came back normal. 

Sabine McConnell – he is wearing one of the collars from PP that I bought!