In just under 1 hour from now, 1 year ago today….I began one of the most difficult yet one of the most rewarding rescue moments of my life.

I began to whelp The Bakers Dozen – 1st puppy born 10:13 PM on September 12th, 2017 – BHRR’s Poppy & the last puppy was born 9:29 AM on September 13th, 2017 – BHRR’s Fletcher.

Tragically, emaciated, traumatized, terrorized puppymill Mama Gem(once only known as D211 to her greedy breeders) rejected her puppies. The smallest puppy, wee BB was barely even 9.7 oz. Giant Breed puppies, when healthy should be born 1-1.5 pounds each. She gave all she had to ensure that we had 13 live births.

Thank you SO much to Mason who worked with me to help whelp them and to stimulate them as several were quite blue.

From tube to dropper to bottle feeding to there being a manufacturer shortage of Esbilac, Sean & I experienced the absolute best in people yet sadly, the absolute worse in one person also during this life and death 24/7 journey for this litter/Mama.

I want to wish The Bakers Dozen a beautiful and special 1st Birthday! 

You have touched my heart and soul like no other time in my life has and while FPS tried to steal you all away; you fought hard to live. I was not giving up on this litter or Mama. So many health issues and so many battles won….and with tears in my eyes, some battles lost. 

RIP to those of my wee angels that were stolen away all too soon. I remain confused, hurt, devastated and so angry that you were taken away from so many that love you like The Boerskins do.

THANK you to every Bakers Dozen Angel that donated goods, monies & hands to help us assist them in their plus Mama Gem’s biggest times of need. Thanks also to our Vet Team that was right by their/my side every step necessary.

This is a bittersweet Happy Birthday moment for me…..I am so happy yet my heart is also very heavy with sadness.