BHRR’s Colt!

This fine handsome amazing boy is ready to make his own special announcement!

He is ~4 years of age and so sweet, precious and loving!

He can go to a home that works part-time, ft, is semi-retired or retired or works from home. Another versatile BHRR dog! 

He travels wonderfully in the car and his leash manners, while not 100% perfect gentleman style, are mountains better than they once were! He is kind, willing to please and gentle and such a soft personality. 

He still huffs plus snorts when he is not comfortable and reassures beautifully with a soft word and/or touch.

Easy to wash and do nails plus clean ears.

Low maintenance and such a charmer!

Takes him a few moments to feel comfortable around strangers yet if you are patient, he will relax and his curiousity and social sides will see him quietly approach and want to be your friend.

He is such a kind boy….

He has been a true delight to have with us! 

He can be the only dog in an approved adoptive home or if a home already has a dog, it has to be a right matched personality fit. We have friends and so should he!

Great with dogs and he has been excellent with cats too!

We wish for him to be in a home that is not overly active or busy social butterflies. A social home for sure yet nothing over the top for him to thrive and be happy. He loves when we have small numbers of friends plus family over and he loves visiting small numbers in others homes. 

We will consider homes with children as young as 6 for him as long as said home has responsible adults plus kids. His emerge temp foster home has a 6 year old daughter. 

He is house broken, crate trained and makes an incredible best friend companion! Small walks, short hikes, cuddling watching a movie or TV show, keeping you company for trips to the Timmie’s Drive Thru, laying by your side on a dog bed while you work on the computer are all things he loves to do…..he is a true BFF! 

He loves just being around his humans, not being part of them like some Danes! 

The way he pushes his head into my side or stomach is positively adorable and endearing. 

It has taken him some time to feel comfortable asking for affection and we make sure that he is given love both when he does and does not ask….

He is a real gentle giant and Ellie White thank you again for emerge temp fostering him for us until we had a spot and thank you and Brooke again for the stunning photo’s of him!

He is an amazing dog and Meg, thank you again for asking us to help! 

For anyone interested in him, please do read his detailed blog and our adoption processes, policies plus procedures. For those who feel that they then may be approved to adopt him, you are more than welcome to submit a completed adoption application contract to members of the BHRR BOD to review.