BHRR’s Colt says Happy Canada  Day!

He is doing so well with Elisabeth, his emerge temp foster Mama!

The more he settles in, the more comfortable he is becoming and he is proving to be great with people and demonstrating a lovely interest in dogs on walks – no direct interactions as of yet yet no negative or reactive behaviours witnessed – and the one cat he saw out and about had him doing his nervous horse ‘huff and snort’.

I am being told the squirrels get him all excited  and day by day his leash manners are improving.

He has not yet been introduced to Elisabeth’s own cats yet even when I had dropped him off he had zero fixation on their scent.

He appears to love Elisabeth’s dad when he has come over and has done wonderfully with her young daughter.

He was nervous of the storms and fireworks that came through last night yet I am told that he managed well.

I am loving the great updates being sent my way and he is eating fantastic plus his SA is rehabbing wonderfully.

He is booked in at KAH for July 3rd and looking forward to seeing him again! 

Here is a great picture of the handsome man taken by Ellie White and we are also going to take this opportunity to send out a gentle reminder to all to please watch your pets with this extreme heat.

Today, my area is going up to 49 degrees and no Pet should be out in these brutal temps.

Make sure that fresh water is readily available and even at night with these record breaking temps, be mindful of their paws for they can burn in mere moments.

Thank you again to Meg and Elizabeth for helping us to save BHRR’s Colt!